Panache Management is an international model and talent agency with locations in both Canada and the United States. Panache has the reputation of being one of the leading agencies in Canada and management companies in the United States in finding and discovering new talent with strong potential for the model and talent industry. They are also recognized for being highly professional and effective at developing their models and actors for the industry both regionally and internationally.

Panache models and actors work with great success globally and are highly in demand for every major market in the world including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Paris, Hamburg, London, Tokyo and other parts of Asia. The company also provides production services for fashion shows, photographic shoots and artistic direction. Panache has a superb reputation and is a leader in the community in the production of huge fashion events for commercial clients as well as charitable fundraisers.

Panache Management is regarded as an influential talent agency, and manages numerous prestigious clients. From the world's foremost actors, directors, writers and producers to music icons, Panache represents many of the most successful professionals in North America. The agency manages artists across all media platforms. These include movies, television, music, theatre and digital.

The individuality of each model and actor is identified and respected. Panache works very closely with the models and their families to nurture and educate their models and actors carefully about the industry and to lend moral and emotional support, safeguards and guidance as they progress in their total development. Panache has a long-standing and excellent reputation based on many years of dedication, reliability, integrity and accountability.

Panache finds, develops and represents young, mature and international models and professional actors and Panache school is the only model school in Manitoba and the only school in Canada that offers weekly specialty model development workshops free to their graduates.

The company opened in 1985 and is a primary supplier of professional models and actors to the regional and international marketplaces for all areas of the industry including runway models, print models for all areas of advertising, promotional models and professional actors for film, television theatre and digital.

Panache is well known for being an agency that cares and also puts back into the community by sponsoring many charitable organizations in the city over the past many years. Panache models appear regularly in many fashion show fundraising events for a multitude of very worthwhile events. Each year Panache presents the International Model and Talent Search in support of a regional and important charity and offers beginners the chance to be discovered by the world.